Diane Kruger Snapchat users horror after filter captures faceless ghost lurking next to her in creepy videoThe young woman used a filter to put a dogs ears nose and tongue over her face but was shocked when a second face popped up next to her even though no one else was in the roomShareUpdatedThe video will start in 8CancelPlay nowinboxThank you for subscribingCould not subscribe try again laterInvalid Email A young French woman has posted a creepy Snapchat video online that shows a faceless ghost lurking next to her in a selfie . Kilyane Revel was fooling around with the smartphoneapp when she recorded a video of herself in her bedroom. She used a filter to superimpose a dogs ears nose and tongue over her face but was shocked with what happened next.A dogs nose and ears appeared next to her but no one else was in the room with her.Kilyane offered a frightened look after seeing the faceless image pop up on her screen.Was it a supernatural being or was something else to blame Image Twitterkilyanee The strange video went viral after she posted it on Twitter writing Do you feel my discomfort The video has been viewed tens of thousands of times with nearly 30000 retweets and 10000 likes on Twitter.It has sparked a debate about whether something supernatural was afoot or something else is to blame.Many users suggested the face appeared in the 10second clip due to shadows in the girls bedroom.Kilyane offered a frightened look after seeing the faceless image pop up Im

Chatcam sex free usa Powered byWhenever I check out one of these ghostscaughtoncamera videos I expect to be so underwhelmed that my bowels remain intact and I end up sleeping like a log the same night. I never anticipate laughing at one of them as I did with this Snapchat of an apparent spirit using the dog filter beside a French teenager. This is the last thing Kilyanee Revel bargained for when messing about with the popular phone app. At first when the second dog layout appears she thinks nothing of it presumably because Snapchat is somewhat known for recognising inanimate objects as humans. Its when the second dog in the room sticks its tongue out that the alarm bells go off.What How In order for that tongue effect to happen a person has to open their actual mouth. But there is no person operating that second dog filter. It would be terrifying if it wasnt so hilarious.This ghost clearly had a good time in its mortal life. Clearly had great che

Web cam chat zap awatchfreesexcams.comBUSINESS INSIDEREdition Follow us on Copyright 2018 Insider Inc. All rights reserved. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Tech Insider Snapchat is synonymous with silly selfies thanks to its animated lenses. One of the most popular lenses turns you into a dog with a playful tongue. Snapchat recently made it so that the lens adds a dalmatian when two faces are in frame. People love the hidden lense and its existence is all because of Kim Kardashian. Heres how to use it 1 For the uninitiated you can apply Snapchat lenses by tapping and holding on your face in the app. There are many to choose from and Snapchat frequently adds new ones to play with.One of the latest additions gave you the ability to face swap with any photo in your camera roll. Tech Insider 2 Tech Insider 3 About a week ago Kim Kardashian made the comment that Snapchat should add like a dalmatian or a chihuahua dog lens.Sh

Chat english cum free 7 Snapchat Halloween Costumes For People Who Are Still Obsessed With Puking RainbowsOct 1 2015Youve downloaded the Snapchat update youve experimented with every single one of the new filters youve collected your Snapchat trophies and now youre ready to take your Snapchat game up to a whole new level you want to become a Snapchat lens IRL. These Snapchat Halloween costumes are for people who are scary obsessed with the hilarious social media app and yes that includes you.Honestly of all the apps we millennials have at our disposal Snapchat is the one that caters best to the holiday dedicated to all things spooky and fleeting. Snapchats icon is a ghost for crying out loud. That is literally the symbol for Halloween. Not to mention the new Snapchat lenses are practically the digital equivalent to masquerade masks its never been easier to change the way you look.Since Snapchats latest update youve had plenty of time to play around with the various lenses and decide which one you like best. You already know what you look like with rainbow puke pouring from your mouth and jumbo tears streaming down your face. Pick your favorite lens and make that your Halloween costume. Then be sure to Snap pictures of you as Snapchat it will be like Snapchat inception. Just a warning though your phone might explode.Here are seven ideas to try this Halloween.1. Snapchat Rainbow PukeAh yes rainbow barf. One of the most popular filters to come and go and th

Red tube sex with dirty sex chat 15 Terrifying Ghosts Caught On SnapchatCommentSnapchat is a popular app among many smartphone users. Its a photo taking app that allows users to send photos to friends and post images to their stories a feature in which it allows all users friends to view it at will. The app also features an array of filters. These filters act as masks of sorts. These filters are typically used when taking selfies but can also be activated with the back facing camera.These features have led to many strange things being picked up while people use Snapchat. Everything from strange things being picked up on filters to strange face swaps. Snapchat is a very accessible app and its typically open by a person at all times of the day. This means its very common for someone to be able to pick something up thats strange.Some people have even done away with expensive cameras and lights and simply use Snapchat to hunt ghosts. Other times these ghosts are caught by complete accident. Whatever the case it will make you wonder if the new time youre taking a selfie with the dog filter if another wont show up behind youTo begin the list article click the start button below Start Article15. via ytimg.comThe person who uploaded this video made it apparent he was able to communicate to a spirit in his house through a snapchat filter. Using the popular dog filter he communicates with the spirit by askin

Horny girls wechat i d to Use Snapchat FiltersSnapchat is a popular social media site that lets you send pictures or short videos with captions or drawings on them Snaps to your friends. One of Snapchats most entertaining features is the ability to apply interactive filters to your selfies. The filters change over time. Some examples of Snapchat filters are dog tongues lolling out when you open your mouth see image below sunglasses and explosions when you raise your eyebrows big eyes popping from your face puking rainbows etc. Once you have added your filters you can send these Snaps to your friends add them to your story or just have fun watching your face with gigantic eyes. Use the steps in this tutorial to add Snapchat filters to your photos and videos to customize your Snaps.Even though Snaps disappear from the app after they are viewed remember that people that view them can always take screenshots. Use social media wisely and try not to send incriminating Snaps. Do not count on your Snaps disappearing into the void.1.Open Snapchat and tap the ghost iconon the top of your camera screen to open up your profile screen. Then tap the gear icon to op

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Bengali lady sex chatting Locationspecific filters e.g. the city youre inSnapchat may ask you for permission to access your location if this is your first time applying locationspecific filters. If so tap Allow.6Tap filters to see if they have extra options. For example applying the temperature filter and then tapping it will display different temperature formats e.g. Fahrenheit versus Celsius.7Combine two or more filters. To do this apply a filter you like then hold your finger down on the screen to anchor that filter while swiping left or right with another finger.For example you can swipe to the temperature filter then hold it down and swipe a citys filter onto your snap as well.Some filters dont go together e.g. time and altitude.8Send your snap when youre finished. You can send your snap to another Snapchat user by tapping the white arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen and then selecting a friend or post the snap as a Story for all o

Bi male chat Community FiltersShare some pride in your city university a local landmark or any public location. Community Filters are free to create so anyone can submit one and help spread the loveFiltersCreate and purchase your own Filter to frame birthdays weddings and any other event. Its the perfect way to make any occasion even more specialLensesBring back your friends favorite Lens at their birthday party or customize your own to make any event even more playful and fun.