Sex cam dont sing up HAPPY SNAPS Does the iOS 11 screen recorder let you secretly record sexy Snapchat selfies We reveal the TRUTH behind viral rumoursFind out whether Apples new operating system will let you document selfdestructing Snapchat photos. Will your naughty or private pictures ever be safe againBy Jasper HamillUpdated 16th November 2017 128 pmBy Jasper Hamill28th June 2018 1050 pmYOUD be forgiven for feeling rather nervous after snapping a naked image of yourself and sending it to someone else.Snapchat offers you a degree of protection from selfieharm by allowing you to send images which selfdestruct after a certain time and sending you a notification if someone screenshots your photos.Getty Images Snapchat lets you send images which are automatically deleted within a short space of timeNow social media is ablaze with claims that Apples iOS 11 will allow you to secretly record peoples snaps without their knowledge.It comes with a cool feature called screen recording which lets you record footage of whatever is shown on the devices screen.This is great for journalists who want to record interviews or vloggers who want to shoot video showing them demonstr

Chatwomen live sex Reviewed by Sarah HanlonIm the first to say that Im a huge fan of story apps. However it can be difficult for developers to stand out from the crowd.Im happy to say Two Hours to Liveis refreshingly creative. Its a cool and unique app with an engrossing plot and fun extras.Created by Joseph Burton Two Hours to Live aims to bring readers directly into the story by making them think about what the main character is thinking or what his next move will be.The twist You have two hours to get through the story before the character is killed.Concept and FunctionalityI definitely wasnt kidding when I said Two Hours to Live is unique.Personally Ive never read a story that had a countdown timer but I think the idea is really creative. The timer starts when you reach chapter 2 of 20.Whats really cool though is that even though there is a two hour countdown the timer is not real time.As the you go through the story youre shown how much time the character has left in the story. But if you have not reached that point in the story the timer stops to give you time to catch up. This is done to accommodate people who read at different speeds.I mentioned above that Two Hours to Live includes spontaneous questions regarding the main char

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