SHOULD I GET GRINDR Grindr under fire for sharing millions of users HIV status phone ID and GPS coordinates with two other companiesSince last spring Grindrs 3.6 million users have been able to share their HIV status and last test date on their profilesNow its emerged that those details were shared with appoptimization servicesGrindr claims it is standard practice but it has raised questions about privacy and transparency

Grindr scatboy TowleroadCommentsJudge Christine Henson told Rowe that the victims are suffering life sentences because of your cruel and senseless acts.Last November a jury convicted Rowe 27 offive counts of grievous bodily harm with intent and a further five counts of attempted grievous bodily harm forwillfully infecting Grindr dates with HIV after damaging condoms.The court heard that Rowe repeatedly sabotaged condoms and then mocked victims saying that he was riddled with the virus after they raised concerns. One man said that Rowe was laughing when he called adding Burn. I got you.Rowe was first arrested in February 2016 but denied that he was HIV positive in his first police interview. The police put out a public health warning asking men who had had sex with a man matching Rowes description to contact the authorities.Rowe then went on the run in November 2016 targeting two more men in the northeast while using a fake name. When he was finally arrested he was found with a rucksack of sabotaged condoms.During his first interview with policeRowe reportedly told themEither this is a big dramatic lie or someone out there has actually done this. What if they are just trying to single me out. Gay people can be horrible.This is one of the reasons I leftEdinburgh theres a lot of horrible people up there.More on the testimony that got Rowe convicted here.The National AIDS Trust released a statement calling it a deplorable crime to intentionally tra

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Sexy video chate Grindr Sets Off Privacy Firestorm After Sharing Users H.I.V.Status DataImageGrindr which recently announced changes to its software to urge users to get frequent H.I.V. tests said it would stop sharing H.I.V. data with outside companies.CreditGrindrGrindr the social network aimed at gay bisexual and transgender men is facing a firestorm of criticism for sharing users H.I.V. status sexual tastes and other intimate personal details with outside software vendors.The data sharing made public by European researchers on Saturday and reported by BuzzFeed on Monday set off an outcry from many users. By Monday night the company said it would stop sharing H.I.V. data with outside companies.The criticism of the company continued on Tuesday with officials in Europe and the United States joining in. A consumer group in Norway filed a formal complaint with the countrys data protection agency accusing the company of breaching European and Norwegian laws. Two United States senators sent a letter to Grindrs chief executive asking whether the app had asked users to opt in before it shared their most personal details with third parties.In a statement on Monday the company said that sharing user data with outside companies was a standard industry practice and that Grindr had policies in place to further protect our user

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Jerk group chat cam Instinct Staff September 5 2014 Updated Friday 900 a.m. PSTIt looks like your voices have been heard Following Grindrs decision to remove the distance feature from the gay datinghookup app the function has been reinstated. Wed guess its over user outcryGotta give the people what they wantWhat do you think of the move InstinctersDont worry your Grindr app hasnt gone wonkyThe gay datinghookup app has removed the distance feature meaning app users will no longer be able to show their distance to other users or determine the distance of those using the app.Grindrreleased the following statement to America BlogIn light of recent security allegations surrounding a users specific location Grindr has made modifications to no longer show distance information for users. Grindr will continue to make ongoing changes to keep all users secure as necessary.America Blog notesAll told the anonymous

Naked webchat stranger 4.3Mviews 16 items Follow This list will continue to grow as new antigay activists come out of the closet albeit against their will most of the time. Keep your eyes peeled for moreIn 2014 it was revealed that Republican North Carolina Senate candidate Steve Wiles once performed as a drag queen proving once again that conservative antigay activists arent always what they seem. This list of conservative antigay activists who turned out to be gay includes state and national leaders whose homophobic convictions were actually nothing more than lies. Even though politicians might claim to be morally opposed to the samesex lifestyle there are some who turn out not to so be antigay themselves at least in their personal lives. Our nations Congress is certainly not immune to hypocrisy especially when it comes to samesex marriage and equal rights for the LGBT community. While some straight politicians might sincerely believe that being gay is wrong these famous antigay legislators who turned out to be gay men prove that all along while theyre out there in the public hating on the gay lifestyle they are secretly living it. Maybe these homophobic and hypocritical politicians who were outed in scandals will find some inner peace now that the world knows who they really are. Randy BoehningPhotovia RedditNorth Dakota legislator Randy Boehning the perfect name was caught sending explicit photos on Grindr a gay dating and hookup app. Boehning 52 voted agai

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Masturbate online chat cam free What is chemsexStrictly speaking chemsex refers togay or bisexual men using drugs to facilitate sex with other men. Culturally though it has become a catchall term for sex involving drugs and chemsex parties where groups of gay and bisexual men meet up get high and have sex with one another.Its important to note that itsdistinct from drug use which later leads to sexual activity chemsex is where men take a certain drug or drugs because they are about to have sex.Why are we hearing about it so much at the momentThe practice normally reaches the public eye because something goes wrong. This week for example the BBC reported on chemsex following the death of Miguel Jimenez an 18yearold who died in his sleep after engaging in chemsex with his boyfriend barrister Henry Hendron.Longterm research suggests that gay men tend to use drugs more than the general population butthe one major UK study into chemsex in particular suggests that its a relatively recent phenomenon which is becoming more common.Adam Bourne a public health lecturer at the London School Of Hygiene Tropical Medicine and one of the studys authors told the Huffington Post that Grindr a dating and hookup app predominantly used by LGBT men has made it easier to find partners or groups of partners for chemsex. Those looking for itwill include chemsex chemfun party and play or PP in their profile.What drugs are usedIn the UK at least research suggests