Live grandma chat line 090x Premium Rate Why not earn money from incoming calls with a premium rate number service 090 premium rate phone numbers are revenue sharing numbers which means you get paid whenever somebody calls you.If youre looking to buy a premium rate number Callagenix have a range of 09 numbers available with rates ranging from 10pmin up to 1.50min. In addition for specialist premium rate services we have a range of pencepercall premium rate numbers. Please contact us for details.Quick note sorry but we do not offer 090 numbers for adult chatlines.Generate income with your premium rate numbersuse 090 numbers to offset your running costsWide choice of tariffs available to suit all requirementsPencepermin or pencepercallLocation independentHow do 090 numbers workThe exact process depends upon the services you are running but the revenue procedure is the same in all cases. Callers wishing to use your service ring your premium number and are charged the premium rate number cost.The actual cost of the call will depend on their service provider and if they are calling from a mobile. Each minute of the call or part thereof will generaterevenuefor you which is credited to your Callagenix account at the e

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