Japanese erotic video Forum Name Husker4eva Notes Well right now it is a rolling project soon to get a V8. It is slammed only about 3 inches of ground beneath the frame. Has a walk thru cab why it was that way when I got it lol anyway I am doing work to it slowly but surely just got the disc brake conversion 2 months ago...... Thanks to the Swap forum. It has an original 1.8 in it I have another one in the basment I have pulled apart and am reworking just in case I blow this one before I get the V8 put in Did I mention I love this truck Keep the wheels to the ground and the needle outta the red Forum Name nite crawler Notes Nothin really special about it...YET. Right now it Looks fast but its got a stock 1.8 in it with a main bearing goin out the person who had it last did all kinds of jerry riggin to the wiring and it will do 85 on a good day. Good points are it has a decent yellow paint job and nice rims and a glass pack hehe. It was this way when I bought it. What I plan to do is drop a 350 in it along with a 5 speed. Flowmasters. Thinkin about baggin it. Redo wiring. Put a removable hard top kit hard shell toneau cover shaved handels flush the bed side panels to match cab yes I too thought about it he he make the whole engine compartment lift foreward forget what its called but where the front fenders hood and all lift foreward exposing entire engine Paint will be a midnight blue chamelion with two 6 black stripes

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Dark secret chat mobile camchat muslimsHere is a description of all parts so farR80GS Frame Date of manufacture Jan 1990 first registration 08Nov1990 in New Zealand approx 70.000mls apparently straight gussets are flat and not warped tubes are straight engine bolts fit without problem all threads perfect with original NZ title fresh from the paint shop black epoxy undercoat with black semi gloss overcoat. The frame had two major areas of concern when I got it one being the foot peg bracket the other one being a hairline crack in the LH steering head gusset. I found that irritating as no signs of impact or other damage could be seen. Both gussets are absolutely straight. The bike has maybe had a rough life in NZ and this may be a fatigue crack. I heard of microvibrations being induced to the frame through improper adjustment of the driveshaft Ujoint bearings resulting in cracked gussets. A local welder he does excellent frame welding work for Ric

Sex xxx xx 117 mph 188.2 kmhSpecification sheets display lots of useful numbers but those numbers dont always tell the whole story. SomeI times a spec sheet needs yet another numI ber one that indicates how much fun a bike i is to ride. And on a fun scale of one to 10 Yamahas RZ350 rates a perfect 10.Some of those other numbers on the spec sheet however do help to explain why the RZ is so much fun. A look at the weight figures shows that at 371 lb. with its 5.2gal. gas tank halffull the bike is light. Another number is 52. Thats the claimed peak horsepower reached at 8750 rpm. By comparison Yamahas 700cc Virago VTwin despite having a fourstroke engine twice as big as the RZ350s twostroke puts out only 55 claimed horsepower. So when you combine the RZs high power with its low weight you get another set of numbers the quartermile time. The RZ350 clipped through the lights in 13.19 sec. at 99.22 mph. Thats quick especially for a 350cc motorcycle.Some other numbers arent so impressive. Fuel mileage was 43 mpg on our official loop but often dipped to around 30 mpg when ridden hard so even with the big gas tank the bike can go on reserve around 120 mi. And the stunning performance of the highly tuned engine comes

Escort in Monclova 2016 Suzuki GSXS1000 ABS First Thoughts On Our Test BikeWe have had our longterm 2016 Suzuki GSXS1000 ABS for a few days and I thought it might be interesting to discuss first impressions before our full review. We will discuss the technical details of this bike in our full review but you can find out many of those in our preview article. At this point understand that this is a brand new naked there is a sister faired version with a 999cc inlinefour engine derived from the K5 GSXR 1000 with several changes we will discuss later.This is a sharp knife. Not for the unskilled hand. These are the first thoughts I had aboard the new Suzuki naked. Rated at 145 horsepower the power comes on quickly with very sharp throttle response.The suspension wasnt cooperating initially with some wallowing over bumps and poor absorption of chop. Fortunately I had plenty of adjustments available the fork features compression rebound and spring preload adjustments while the shock makes do with spring preload and rebound only so I started tuning.Frankly I dont know if the suspension settings were stock or perhaps set by another journalist but both ends were rebounding too quickly and the front end appeared to ride a bit low in the travel. I slowed rebound at both ends and added a small amount of compression and spring preload to the fork. I also added some spring preload to the shock.I was ve

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Web cam xxx live free promo Tales From the Dark Side Putting Car Tires on MotorcyclesEric Trow From the Dark World of Nonconformity They EmergedOn Car Tires.Have you ever found yourself unwittingly in the middle of a heated religious or political debate between two vehemently opposed participants Not since the dispute over conventional oil vs. synthetic oil have I seen such polarized and passionate opinions in the motorcycle world. The question is unlike the face off over the slippery stuff could this practice by those known as Dark Siders actually be a dangerous oneIm interested in signing up for one of your Stayin Safe training tours the email began. But before I register I want to make sure its OK to participate if I have a car tire mounted on my Gold Wing. A what Did he say a car tire I have to admit I had never heard of such a thing. Nor cou

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