How to use tinder swipe Honey Bee PollinationHoney bees dont just produce wax and honey they are extremely valuable pollinators of many agricultural crops. Honey bees are not native to the U.S. they originally came from Europe and were brought over by early colonists. The list of crops that are pollinated by honey bees is endless including fruits berries nuts clovers alfalfa canola and many vegetables. Alfalfa is an important forage crop in the U.S. Honey bee colonies have long been managed by beekeepers to provide pollination services for crops as well as for honey production.Honey bee populations have been in decline in recent years. According to the U.S. Agricultural Research Service there has been a loss of about one third of honey bee hives in beekeeping operations across the United States. Recent studies suggest that these declines have been caused by the combination of several factors which may include infectious pathogens malnutrition stress and pesticides.Most recently beekeepers have been striving to reduce pesticide use near hives and investing more in food supplies for their bees. Planting flowers that produce pollen and nectar especially during the weeks when

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Freedesisex chat AlfalfaFor other uses of Lucerne see Lucerne disambiguation.AlfalfaMedicago sativa also called lucerne is a perennial flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae cultivated as an important forage crop in many countries around the world. It is used for grazing hay and silage as well as a green manure and cover crop. The name alfalfa is used in North America. The name lucerne is the more commonly used name in the United Kingdom South Africa Australia and New Zealand. The plant superficially resembles clover a cousin in the same family especially while young when trifoliate leaves comprising round leaflets predominate. Later in maturity leaflets are elongated. It has clusters of small purple flowers followed by fruits spiralled in 2 to 3 turns containing 1020 seeds. Alfalfa is native to warmer temperate climates. It has been cultivated as livestockfodder since at least the era of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Alfalfa sprouts are a common ingredient in dishes made in South Indian cuisine.6 According to Pliny died 79 AD it was introduced to Greece in about 490 BC when the Persians invaded Greek territory. Alfalfa cultivation is discussed in the fourthcentury AD book Opus Agriculturae by Palladius stating One sowdown lasts ten years. The crop may be cut four or six times a year ... A jugerum of it is abundantly sufficient for three horses all the year ... It may be given to cattle but new pr

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Bumble bee plush pattern Please wait...2.991 Reviews with an average rating of 5.0 These multicoloured cherry tomatoes are purple striped with green pink with yellow colouration and goldenyellow with orange stripes. Ideal for growing indoors or outside. Extremely heavy crops of delicious small round fruits that will hold on the vine for an extended period of time with no cracking. Great for fresh tomato basil mozzarella and balsamic vinegar salads.Cordon variety one stem grown by pinching off sideshoots as they appear needs staking and tying in.