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Live cams chat torrent United States Page 1 of 4 Welcome to the Mommys Daddys and Baby Sitters page. The listings below are sorted alphabetically by city name. Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for. Hopefully youll be able to make a connection. StanleyALABAMACity AuburnRate 120 an hourNotes I have Fully equipped Adult Baby Nursery. The Nursery is open 6 days a week baby sittings are taken from 9am to late night. Sleepover and weekends are also available. I play games read stories sing lullabies change diapers wet and messy bath and give lots of cuddles. If you like outings or mild forms of discipline we can discuss Email loveshell99yahoo.com Rate My phone services are geared around getting to know all my babies inside and out. Not as clients but as friends with the hopes of meeting every one of my babies. Phone Mommy Program 40 One week with 7 phone calls for a 30 min max per call. 100 One Month with 30 phone calls for a 30 min max per call. Visit Mommy In Person50 per hour with a 4 hour min. Thank you.Notes I do not have AB furniture at this time. I Change number 1 and 2 diapers.City Gulf ShoresEmail misscheyandmrtyeyahoo.com Rate 50 Dollars Hour Wet Diapers 70 Dollars Hour Both 1 and 2 Diapers 25 Dollars Travel Fee Can be waived depending on distance Negotiable Fee for provided supplies

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